The Skunk Forest Management Plan  (FMP)  is designed as a model for forest dependent communities to sustainably manage the forests that host them using practices which are economically viable. Restoring unhealthy forests by using the removed fuels and thinned trees to make high value wood products can pay for the costs of the restoration and create jobs for the local community. Examples include lumber for building materials, wood fiber and bio-char for a soil and worm castings industry, high value wood products lumber for the building trades, furniture mde on site, pre-fab cabins, hardwood flooring from suppressed firs and molding for building trades.

forest 2014.2

2014 forest unit (project) area to be restored

skinning poles

Eric skinning poles

Kabota in trees

Kabota doing forest restoration work.


Mill, Brian, log

Brian setting up to mill log

Jordan milling

Jordan milling a log



tool shed

tool shed built with none-commercial lumber end pieces


dodge with 2:4s

Dodge pick up delivering Skunk forest restoration lumber


Business plans are needed to assure that restoration and maintenance practices are economically viable.

If several years of this management can prove the value of this approach, we plan future, on-site, forest-management workshops and research as a US base for Analog Forestry ( training.

For the complete article, Temperate Zone Application of Analog Forestry please click summary . This article was published in the on-line publication IAFN*RIFA (International Analog Forestry Network).

Skunk Ranch’s extensive and detailed forest management plan is available by clicking this link.


Once a permanent pond, this site now silted over from earlier logging of the overlooking hillside shown in the following  photo


Example, at Skunk, of earlier poor restoration practice, using plantations of pines instead of fir, cedars and diverse hardwoods



Buckhorn creek pool at Skunk

Buckhorn Creek pool, let’s keep it healthy


the forest needs restoration

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