Appendix 3 – Supporting Data

Forest inventory data was obtained for the vegetation types listed in the table below.  Plot data was run in the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) to see 1) how the existing forest would develop over the next 50 years without human management and 2) for all but the MHW3D and WO3P types, how the forest would develop if it was thinned in the first decade to retain most of the overstory conifers and hardwoods while removing 80-90% of the suppressed, intermediate and less vigorous co-dominants.  The results of these runs are included in the CD attached to this plan.  The names of the runs are as shown in the table below.


Vegetation Type



Names of FVS Runs

Forest Unmanaged

Forest Thinned From Below

        DFR4D 1-4, 18-21, 24-27, 31- 33, 37, 40, 41        DF4x1      DFTFBx
        MHC3D 9-13, 22, 23, 28-30, 34-36, 42, 43        MHCx1      MHCTFBx1
        MHW4D 44-47        MHW4Dx1      MHWTFBx1
        MHW3D 14-17        MHW3Dx1      No run
        WO3P 5-8, 38, 39         WO3Px1      No run

Animals, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds

That May Live On or Visit the Ranch



   Common Name                               Scientific Name

(Species with an asterisk behind their names have been seen on the Ranch.)

black tailed deer*                            Odocoileus hemionus

black bear*                                       Ursus americanus

mountain lion*                                 Felis concolor

bobcat*                                              Felis rufus

coyote            *                                              Canis latrans

gray fox*                                             Urocyon cinereoargenteus

fisher                                                  Martes pennanti

marten*                                             Martes americana

raccoon*                                            Procyon lotor

striped skunk*                                  Mephitis mephitis

spotted skunk*                                 Spilogale putorius

black-tailed jackrabbit*                   Lepus californicus

brush rabbit*                                                Sylvilagus bachmani

western gray squirrel*                    Sciurus griseus

chickaree*                                         Tamiasciurus douglasi

northern flying squirrel*                  Glaucomys sabrinus

Townsend chipmunk*                    Eutamias townsendi

valley pocket gopher*                     Thomomys bottae

California mole*                              Scapanus latimanus

Trowbridge shrew                           Sorex trowbridgei

northern water shrew                     Sorex palustris

shrew-mole                                      Neurotrichus gibbsi

dusky-footed woodrat*                   Neotoma fuscipes

western harvest mouse                 Reithrodontomys megalotis

deer mouse                                      Peromyscus maniculatus

brush mouse                                               Peromyscus boylei

California vole                                  Microtus californicus

Townsend vole                                Microtus townsendi

Oregon vole                                      Microtus oregoni

California redback vole                  Clethrionomys occidentalis

Bat*                                                    Myotis spp., Lasionycteris sp.,                                                                                          Tadarida sp., Pipistrellus sp.,

Lasiurus spp., Plecotus sp.,                                                                                             Antrozous sp. 

Amphibians and Reptiles

   Common Name                               Scientific Name

(Species with an asterisk behind their names have been seen on the Ranch.)

western rattlesnake*                      Crotalus viridis

common kingsnake                                    Lampropeltis getulus

California mountain kingsnake    Lampropeltis zonata

Pacific gopher snake*                    Pituophis melanoleucus

common garter snake*                  Thamnophis sirtalis

western aquatic garter snake       Thamnophis couchi

racer                                                   Coluber constrictor

rubber boa                                        Charina bottae

northern alligator lizard*                 Gerrhonotus coeruleus

southern alligator lizard                 Gerrhonotus multicarinatus

northern lizard                                  Sceloporus graciosus

black lizard                                        genus and species unknown

western fence lizard                                    Sceloporus occidentalis

western skink                                   Eumeces skiltonianus

ground skink (?)                              Scincella lateralis (?)

black salamander                           Aneides flavipunctatus

ensatina                                            Ensatina eschscholtzi

Pacific treefrog*                               Hyla regilla

foothill yellow-legged frog              Rana boylei

rough-skinned newt                                    Taricha granulosa

western toad*                                   Bufo boreas


   Common Name                               Scientific Name

(Species with an asterisk behind their names have been seen on the Ranch.)

red-tailed hawk*                              Buteo jamaicensus

sharp-shinned hawk                        Accipiter striatus

Cooper’s hawk                                 Accipiter cooperi

merlin                                                            Falco columbarius

American kestrel                             Falco sparverius

turkey vulture*                                   Cathartes aura

flammulated owl                              Otus flammeolus

screech owl*                                                Otus asio

spotted owl                                       Strix occidentalis

great horned owl                             Bubo virginianus

long-eared owl                                 Asio otus

pygmy owl                                         Glaucidium gnoma

saw-whet owl                                   Aegolius acadicus

mountain quail*                               Oreortyx pictus

California quail                                Lophortyx californicus

blue grouse*                                                Dendragapus obscurus

band-tailed pigeon*                                    Columba fasciata

mourning dove*                               Zenaida macroura

pileated woodpecker*                    Dryocopus pileatus

hairy woodpecker                            Picoides villosus

downy woodpecker*                                   Picoides pubescens

acorn woodpecker*                         Melanerpes formicivorus

red-breasted sapsucker                Sphyrapicus varius

red-shafted flicker*                          Colaptes auratus

Steller’s jay*                                      Cyanocitta stelleri

scrub jay*                                          Aphelocoma coerulescens

common raven*                               Corvus corax

common crow                                  Corvus brachyrhynchos

brown-headed cowbird*                Molothrus ater

starling                                              Sturnus vulgaris

American robin*                               Turdus migratorius

varied thrush*                                   Ixoreus naevius

hermit thrush                                                Catharus guttata

Swainson’s thrush                          Catharus ustulatus

California thrasher                          Toxostoma redivivum

western kingbird*                            Tyrannus verticalis

western tanager                              Piranga ludoviciana

Bullock’s oriole                                Icterus galbula

black-headed grosbeak*               Pheucticus melanocephalus

evening grosbeak                           Hesperiphona vespertina

yellow-breasted chat                      Icteria virens

rufous-sided towhee                      Pipilo erythrophthalmus

brown towhee*                                 Pipilo fuscus

pine siskin                                        Carduelis pinus

olive-sided flycatcher                      Nuttallornis borealis

western flycatcher*                          Empidonax difficilis

black-capped chickadee                Parus atricapillus

mountain chickadee                                   Parus gambeli

red-breasted nuthatch                    Sitta canadensis

white-breasted nuthatch                Sitta carolinensis

pygmy nuthatch                                Sitta pygmaea

brown creeper                                  Certhia familiaris

plain titmouse                                  Parus inornatus

wrentit            *                                              Chamaea fasciata

bushtit                                                            Psaltriparus minimus

Bewick’s wren                                  Thryomanes bewickii

house wren                                      Troglodytes aedon

golden-crowned kinglet                 Regulus satrapa

ruby-crowned kinglet                      Regulus calendula

solitary vireo                                     Vireo solitarius

warbling vireo                                   Vireo gilvus

blue-gray gnatcatcher                     Polioptila caerulea

western wood pewee                     Contopus sordidulus

lazuli bunting                                                Passerina amoena

yellow warbler                                  Dendroica petechia

Audubon’s warbler                          Dendroica coronata

black-throated gray warbler           Dendroica nigrescens

Wilson’s warbler                              Wilsonia pusilla

house sparrow                                Passer domesticus

rufous-crowned sparrow               Aimophila ruficeps

white-crowned sparrow                 Zonotrichia leucophrys

fox sparrow                                       Passerella iliaca

song sparrow*                                 Melospiza melodia

savannah sparrow                          Passerculus sandwichensis

lark sparrow                                     Chondestes grammacus

chipping sparrow                            Spizella passerina

purple finch                                       Carpodacus purpureus

Cassin’s finch                                  Carpodacus cassinii

house finch                                       Carpodacus mexicanus

lesser goldfinch*                             Carduelis psaltria

American goldfinch                         Carduelis tristis

Oregon junco*                                  Junco hyemalis

Swallows*                                         various genera & species

Hummingbirds*                               various genera & species

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