Planned Management Activities & Required Permits

Management recommendations:

Management recommendations are included in the section on “Management Plan Implementation” and in some cases in the management unit descriptions.  The “Management Activity Decisions, Schedule and Tracking” spreadsheet above is only a very preliminary guideline to anticipated projects.  In most cases, during the planning process for specific projects, more detailed information will be developed by the Ranch’s forest advisor, with whatever other assistance is needed from outside sources.

Once a conservation project is selected, the site specific environmental/cultural (CEQA / NEPA) documentation will need to be completed, along with the schedule of activities, project map and project specifications.

Harvest Documents:

California law requires that a permit be obtained from CAL FIRE if forest products are harvested for sale, trade, or barter.  The most common of these permits is a Timber Harvest Plan (THP), which is required to be prepared by a registered professional forester.  However, timber harvesting at the scale anticipated in this alternative can best be done under one of several THP exemptions.  The 2013 edition of the California Forest Practice Rules (FPRs) contains the preparation and operational requirements for harvesting under these exemptions.  The FPRs and an Excel spreadsheet of the available exemptions are included in the CD attached to this plan.

Permits from other agencies, typically CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and USFS) may also be necessary for proposed management activities related to timber harvesting or other types of conservation projects, such as but not limited to water drafting, ponds, road maintenance, crossing replacements and dust control.


Project monitoring is generally recommended, but rarely funded, to determine if project objectives have been met.  The nature of adaptive management is to learn from past projects/management so that modifications can be made to future projects/management.





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