Property Facts

Total ownership acreage: 320 acres Total forested acreage: ~312 acres

Does Landowner reside on the property?: Yes X No

Describe the overall topography including slope, aspect and elevation:
With the exception of the slopes above Buckhorn Creek in the parcels zoned TPZ and above Buckeye Creek, which are quite steep, the topography is generally under 30%. Aspects are generally westerly to southerly. Elevations vary from 2560 feet to 3670 feet.

Estimate percent of total acreage that is:

Simple topography (few ravines and changes of aspect) 50%

Percent of Land: Flat (<5% grade) 5% Gentle (< 20% grade) 15% Steep (> 35% grade) 70%
Vehicle Access X Good (at least 50%)

Estimated improved road length (rock surface): 1.68 miles

Estimated unimproved road length: 2.09 miles

Watershed Information:

CALWATER 2.2 planning watershed: The portion of the Ranch draining into Buckeye Creek is in Monroe Creek 1106.210103 Acres within this watershed: 114 acres The portion of the Ranch draining into Buckhorn Creek is in Middle Eltapom Creek 1106.210101 Acres within this watershed: 206 acres

Is there a 303d listing on watershed?: Yes What are the factors?: Sedimentation/Siltation and Temperature

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