Property History

Since the present owners purchased the Ranch they have:

Built an equipment storage and maintenance shed,
Built a tool shed,
Remodeled the main house,
Maintained the access roads,
Maintained an orchard,
Harvested firewood.

The forested area on the APZ portion of the Ranch was tractor logged sometime in the 1950s. Many of the merchantable trees were removed in a selection harvest. The TPZ portion of the Ranch, was tractor, cable, and helicopter logged in 2002 in a clearcut, shelterwood removal, and selection harvest under the Underwood THP 2-01-212-TRI(4). The clearcut was subsequently planted, primarily with ponderosa pines.

In 1973 the Shasta-Trinity National Forest entered into a Cutting Boundary Agreement with the owners of the APZ parcel and three of the four 40-acre parcels of the TPZ (011-100-0200), but not the northern-most 40 acre parcel. It is assumed that this agreement was to insure that a harvest on the National Forest would not trespass on private property. It appears that the National Forest bordering the east-central boundary of the Ranch was lightly thinned sometime in the past.

There is no evidence of wildfire burning through the Ranch in recent history. Old stumps and logs from logging in what was probably the 1950s are intact and show no signs of charring. Some of the older trees (100+ years) have minor fire scarring on their trunks.

The fire history map shows that from 1910 to 2001 there were three lightning-caused fire starts in the Buckhorn Creek drainage adjacent to the most northern boundary of the Skunk Ranch, one to the east and one to the southeast in the Eltapom Creek drainage, and two to the west in the Buckeye Creek drainage. There were three human-caused fire starts in the vicinity of the Skunk Ranch, one to the west in the lower Buckeye Creek drainage and one to the east in the Eltapom Creek drainage. All of these starts resulted in fires of unknown size, but less than 100 acres. The only fire of substantial size (>100 acres) recorded in the watershed since 1910 was the fire in 1987, which burned a large area north into the Eltapom Creek drainage and up to the southeast corner of the Ranch.

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