Winter 2013/14

Our driveway, Winter 2012-2013


Sunset from the Southwest corner

We purchased Skunk Ranch in the Fall of 2011.

Our goal is to serve as a working model for forest dependent communities to sustainably manage the forests that host them, using practices which are economically  viable.

2012  to 2013 Our priority was the restoration of the forest.  We chose a local CA certified Forester to  produce a superb Forest Management Plan (FMP).  This process  took 2 years and was partially funded in 2014 by  NRCS (National Resource Conservation Service), a federal agency.    Our plan details the restoration and stewardship of the Skunk Ranch ecosystem for the next 10 years based on specific project areas for each year. Please click FOREST page above for the complete  Forest Management Plan.

2012 to 2014 We fenced and planted vegetable gardens to help us live well and to develop organic produce for sale.


Yogi garden established 2014

main garden

main garden, fenced and planted 2012

We restored, pruned and irrigated the two orchards,

flowering apple trees, 2015

Flowering apple trees Spring 2015


Apple trees with fruit, Fall of 2014

2012 to 2013 we remodeled the main house,  increased the number of solar panels, improved the solar infrastructure, and added a senior unit on the ground floor.

Ranch House Front

Fall 2014, one of our much appreciated Wwoofers with the dogs and the pups, showing the new addition to the Ranch House, completed in 2013.

ranch.house.complex.arial. view

View from the tree tops, Thank you MAX ! Left to right, the homestead house, the car port, the first floor addition to the house (area under the new beige colored metal roof) the additional solar panels


Existing kitchen when the property was bought, as seen from front room


Back of kitchen with island

View from the Foyer

New front room with new dinning area to the left

dinning rm
new dinning room addiion
  • We maintained the access roads
  • established a prototype compost/worm casting facility,
  • initiated brush chipping for compost worm casting business.
  • built a work shop for storage and maintenance in 2013.

After extensive research bought and installed a portable lumber mill  in 2013.


2015,  implementing the first two years of Skunk forest restoration practices  we produced about 9000 board feet of lumber used in construction from thinned fir trees logged in the 2014 unit of the Forest Management Plan.

Brian in front of roof built with Skunk lumber

Brian in front of roof built with Skunk lumber

Built a shed with the end pieces in 2014

tool shed

Leftover wood after milling end pieces left over from millingaintained the access roads,

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