Join Us

We are actively looking for partners to join us.   We especially seek permaculturists to complement our ongoing forest garden work,  a bee keeper,  and specialty wood working aficionados. Long term partnerships with private individual houses are possible.  If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Brian at bhill@

5 responses to Join Us

  1. Seva Sound Healing Studio and Farm

    We join and support you from AZ! Awesome opportunity! We will serve this effort any way we can!

      • josh halstead

        Hey, my name is Josh and I met with a woman a couple of months ago at the Permaculture Guild meeting in San Francisco regarding help at Skunk Ranch. Unfortunately I lost the paper with all of the contact information but was wondering if there was still an opportunity to come see the project and help.

  2. Wolf

    Are you guys and structures OK? Is there anything left to join? I’m hoping it was a nice cleansing burn. Doesn’t look real good from the air. Wolf

    • skunkranch Post Author

      We are all OK and all of Skunk structures and infrastructures are OK except for the Ram Pump which supplied our water. WE are hoping to get that repaired asap and relying on a gasoline driven pump for water at that moment. Thank you so much for your concern and interest. Monika

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