Skunk Ranch infrastructure includes:

– Water system supporting the agriculture and main house with pipelines throughout the property, powered by a ram pump system requiring no electricity.

– Solar energy infrastructure with a propane back up.

– Helicopter and ambulance medical emergency services.

– Satellite internet and wifi.

– Forest wildlife including deer, black bears, cougars, eagles, owls, a variety of other birds, and trout.


after a hard days work fishing

San Francisco hot tub with heater from Connecticut : a family affair. The creek is in the background behind the foliage

Ranch House Front

Ranch House Front, the 2013 addition

study and LR

Living room addition, as seen from computer area. Our new, incredible wood stove, front right. It heats the entire house in the winter, and cooks our food perfectly

View from the Foyer

New living room area, looking towards dinning room on left, kitchen on right behind computer area

dinning rm

New dinning room, with doors to back porch in the background

Ranch House Back

Back of Ranch house with side porch on the right. the part already there when the LLC bought the ranch

Back Porch

Side Porch

Nani, back porch and pups

Nani with her pups on side porch and Yucon, big daddy, below


Carport with ATV and tools in front of the house with homestead house in the background

Original Homestead House

Original Homestead House next to Ranch House

2 responses to Ranch

    • skunkranch Post Author

      Dear Jeanne, Hi, this is Monika, one of the residents of Skunk Ranch. Where you living in the shingle two room house with an attic and a cooling mechanism on the creek side of the house> There is evidence of a fire on the uphill ( West-Southwest side of the house and no fireplace at present. I would love to connect and hear stories of Skunk Ranch in the 70″ds. Monika

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